Failed to get a valid license for LP360 Error

When opening an MXD that has used the LP360 extension in the past, the following error can arise: “Failed to get a valid license for LP360′. If this error message is expanded then it will show that there is an issue with the Tracking Analyst extension in Arc.  This error has nothing to do with the Tracking Analysis extension, but it does tell use that there is an extension problem. This is caused by Arc not being able to obtain an LP360 license because the LP extension has been deactivated at some point.

LP360 Error- expanded

This can happen when an MXD was saved with the LP extension activated, but the LP extension was inactivated prior to closing the ARC session.  Then, when trying to open the MXD, Arc will look for an LP license and not find it and give the error message that erroneously references the Tracking Analyst extension.

Temporary Workaround:

  1. Open Arc
  2. Ensure that the LP extension is activated
  3. Then open the existing MXD

This is not the way it is supposed to function, and it should be fixed in the next LP360 release.


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