Merge and Copy Feature File

In LP360 users have feature file merge and copy options to merge multiple SHP files or copy a file to a new feature layer. This is useful for combining files to have a single file for all features or simply creating quick back up of the feature file. The process for performing these operations is reviewed below:

Merge Feature Files

The user can merge multiple features into a single new file or append to an existing file by right selecting features in the table of contents, right clicking and choosing the “Merge Feature Layers” option. In order to properly use this function, these features must be the same type and Schema. If the Schema is different for one or more of the feature files, the user can edit check and edit these to match in Schema Editor. If the shapefile type is different between files, the user can use the Create Features From Existing Features function to create SHP types that match.

Image showing Schema Editor
Verify Schema settings for each feature file in Schema Editor.
Verify the feature type in Feature Analyst.
Image showing location of Merge Feature Layers tool (right-click on feature files in TOC -> Merge Feature Layers...)
Selecting multiple features and the Merge Feature Layers dialog.
Creating a new combined feature file.

Copy Feature File

Besides merge, the user can also perform a simple copy of an existing feature file/shapefile layer by right clicking on a single selected SHP file layer and choosing the Copy Feature Layer option.

Image showing location of Copy Feature Layer tool (right-click on feature file in TOC -> Copy Feature Layer...)
Creating a copy of a Feature File.

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