GeoCue Archiving Error Messages

Running the archive function in GeoCue produces an ArchiveLogs.#.txt text file in the GeoCue temp folder on the machine performing the archive. The # is sequential so that a log file may be generated for each archive attempt. Should the archive task encounter an exception it is best to review these logs for the problem and probable resolution.


Archive log contains “Archiving failed: The project is being archived”.

Probable Resolution:

A previous attempt at archiving the project failed and left the project in the archiving state. A future service pack will provide an interface for clearing this issue, but currently, in 2017.1.14.1, it is necessary to perform the following temporary workaround to proceed with a subsequent archive attempt.

  1. (taking all necessary precautions) open the GCArchiving table in the database
  2. Locate the row for the project by matching the project ID to ProjectID column
  3. Set the value of ArchivingStatus for the row to 9999.
  4. Restart archiving.


Archive log contains “Archiving failed: Could not find a part of the path…”.

Probable Resolution:

Verify that the path is correct and has sufficient space. If the path is correct, then recall that archiving is a dispatched process. The failure might be caused by the drive not being mapped for the dispatch user. Unless specified in the Dispatch Settings or instantiated by a group policy, a mapped network drive, not physical one, will not exist for the non-interactive dispatch user. If you have space on a local drive, we recommend trying to archive to that location. If not, then try using a UNC path to the network location instead of the logical mapped drive. If possible, try location writable by everyone to rule out any possible issues with permissions.


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