GeoCue Server Event Log Error Messages

On occasion, users may experience issues with GeoCue running properly or being unable to complete certain processes. The GeoCue Server has robust event logging to help troubleshoot these problems. The normal event log entries section demonstrates the expected messaging during the normal GeoCue Server startup sequence. Below that are listed common GeoCue Server Event Log error messages encountered that prevent the normal startup of the GeoCue Server.

Normal Event Log Entries

GeoCue has a normal sequence of event logs that appear and do not indicate that there is an issue. Below is a summary of normal event log entries for startup and normal processing.

  1. Starting GeoCue Server service.
  2. Started RepHostGUI.exe. Process ID = ####
  3. Started GCUNIXRemote.exe. Process ID = ####
  4. Establishing Executable watch
  5. GCUNIXRemote started successfully
  6. Repository initializing… <GeoCue_Server>: <IP Address> <Auto Select>
  7. GeoCue Server running non-interactively as <Domain\User> (64-bit)
  8. Repository initialized.

Note: “Repository initialized” is the most important message in this sequence. The whole sequence tells us that GeoCue was able to start, can access the database properly, what user the service is running as, and on which IP address it may be contacted.

Error Opening Database

The GeoCue Server event log contains the error message, “Error opening database: Cannot open database “geocue” requested by the login. The login failed.
Login failed for user ‘Domain\User’.”

This error typically indicates an issue related to a permissions. Double check the permissions of the GeoCue Common folder and the service user login used

Could not locate EPSG XML files

The GeoCue Server event log contains the error message, “System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for ‘NIIRS10.Repository.Server.Globals’ threw an exception. —> System.Exception: Could not locate EPSG XML files. Verify that the EPGSInfo folder exists in the Coordinate Systems folder in GeoCue Common files.”

This error typically indicates that files in the GeoCue Common folder Coordinate Systems folder location are missing or have become corrupt. Run the GeoCue installer, MasterSetup.exe, to reinstall the needed files by choosing to install the horizontal and vertical coordinate systems.

Error Establishing Contact with Remote Client

The GeoCue Server event log contains the error message, “Error establishing contact with remote client ‘GeoCue_Client'”

This error typically indicates an issue contacting the specified Client machine.

  1. Verify a connection is open and not blocked by a firewall.
  2. Verify the IP address of the Server machine has not changed since the repository was initialized. See step 6 in the “Normal Event Log Entries” section above.

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