GeoCue System Requirements

  • A dual core processor is recommended with at least 8 GB RAM, 16 GB RAM recommended.  A minimum of 10 GB free disk space on the local drive.  Additional disk space for data storage either locally or on an external drive is also recommended.
  • All GeoCue applications require a minimum operating system of Windows 10 Professional. Applications will also run on Windows Server 2016 and 2019. The GeoCue Server application does NOT require a server-based operating system. GeoCue does not support 32-bit operating systems.
  • GeoCue Server is optimized for Microsoft SQL Server. GeoCue will run with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 through 2019.  Recommended SQL Server 2017.
    • The sqlcmd Utility must be installed if using a preinstalled SQL Server.
    • The Express version of SQL may be used in place of having a full version of SQL.
    • In the event that SQL has not been installed on the machine included with the install of GeoCue is SQL Server Express 2017, including the sqlcmd Utility. SQL Server Express has a restriction on the maximum database size of 10 GB. Since we do not store LIDAR or raster data in the database, the size limitation is not a short term consideration.
    • It is recommended to have installed SQL Server Management Studio, which is installed by default when installing SQL using the GeoCue Master Setup.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.6.1.  Note the .NET installation files are included with the GeoCue installation media and can be installed while you are installing GeoCue.
  • An administrative user account.  When installing and configuring GeoCue, you must be logged in with local (machine) administrative privileges to perform the necessary installations.  It is not necessary that you have domain administrative privileges.

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