GeoCue v2014 Update

This month we are busy finalizing features and testing the 2014 annual release of GeoCue, which will be available in the coming weeks. We’ve worked hard to vastly improve the GeoCue update and installation user experience with our recently completed Quick Installer. The new installer handles updates to the software, both client and server, as well as the backend database while automating many of the tasks you once had to handle manually. If you’ve installed the v2013 SP1 service pack then you’ve already seen an early glimpse of the new installer. Feedback from you on the improved upgrade experience has been extremely positive and we continue to incorporate your suggestions for refining the installer.
Additionally we’ve been hard at work incorporating LAS 1.4 support into GeoCue 2014. All of GeoCue’s LIDAR workflow tasks, e.g. importing LIDAR, populating working segments, merging LAS boundaries, etc. have been upgraded to handle the LAS 1.4 specification, which is especially important for USGS project deliverables where LAS 1.4 will be soon be the required delivery format.
GeoCue 2014 runtime performance is faster than ever. We’ve made significant improvements in the efficiency of GeoCue’s Command Dispatch System (CDS) to help you squeeze the most out of your IT infrastructure investments.
And speaking of optimizing investments, there is a tremendous amount of functionality built into GeoCue that allows you to refine your deployment as your organization grows or project needs change. If it has been a while since you looked at applying more of GeoCue’s functionality to optimize your workflow, I suggest you contact us soon to discuss how you can incorporate more of GeoCue’s functionality to increase the productivity and ultimately the profitability of your organization.

GeoCue v2014 Update



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