How do I move my LP360 License Server to a new machine?

  1. Install LP360 on the new hardware:
    1. Download the latest version of the software by entering your CD Key on the CD Key Information and Software Updates page,
    2. From the Software Updates page specific to your CD Key, click on the link(s) to download the applicable installers. Be sure to select the LP360 for ArcGIS Installer if the desire is to run LP360 for ArcGIS on the same machine as the LP360 License Server;
    3. Download the LP360 Installation Guide using the provided link on the Software Updates page.
  2. Open the LP360 License Administrator on the new License Server machine
    1. On the Register tab select ‘I have a License Key (CD Key)…’ and complete the information.
    2. Submit for an authorization file using one of the following options:
      1. If the License Server is connected to the internet, select ‘Send an e-mail…’ to submit the information in order to receive a new authorization file;
      2. If not connected to the internet, or a connection fails, select ‘Save details to a Text…’ and e-mail the saved registration text file to with the reason for re-registration of this CD Key.
  3. Typically within one business day from submittal a new authorization file will be sent to the e-mail address provided in the Register tab.
  4. Authorize the new machine by following the instructions provided with the new authorization file.
  5. Once the License Server is authorized then on each client machine:
    1. Verify that the client machine is running the same version of software as the License Server;
    2. As a local administrator, open the LP360 License Administrator and on the License tab modify the License Server Information to the new server.
  6. Uninstall LP360 from the old License Server machine.



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