How to Format the SD Card on DJI Aircraft, Through DJI Go 4

Formatting the SD card through DJI Go 4 is useful when SD card space is needed and you do not want to remove the SD card from the aircraft (or personality cable). Be sure all important information has been downloaded before formatting the card because this process will erase everything. Here are the steps to format the SD card using DJI Go 4:

  1. Connect the camera to the aircraft.
  2. Power on the aircraft.
  3. Connect the iPad to the controller and power on the controller.
  4. Open DJI Go 4.
  5. Tap in the space to the right of “DJI” in the upper left corner of the screen (Ready to Go).

    DJI Go 4

    DJI Go 4

  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu that appears and tap “Format”.
DJI Go 4: Format Option

DJI Go 4: Format Option

  1. Tap “OK” to format the SD Card.
DJI Go 4: Format Confirmation

DJI Go 4: Format Confirmation

  1. The SD card will now be formatted.

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