Import a KML file into DJI GS Pro

  • Open DJI GS Pro
  • Tap the Material tab, then tap Files.
  • Tap Start Import and a file server dialog will appear.
  • Open a web browser on your PC and enter the server address into the web browser.


  • Enter the username and password provided by GS Pro when the login dialog appears.
  • Once logged in, click “Upload Files” and select the KML or KMZ file you wish to add to GS Pro.


  • The file should now show up in the list of files.
  • In GS Pro, press “Done” on the File Server Started dialog.  Tap Ok on the import confirmation dialog at the top of the screen.
  • A folder named after your file should now be visible in GS Pro.  Tap the folder to open it.
  • The KML or KMZ file should be visible in the folder.  Slide the file to the left to import or delete the file.  Tap import to import the file.
  • Tap the Map tab and you should see the KML file.  Tap the file, then tap again to travel to the KML file location.
  • Slide the file left and tap “Pin” to pin the file to the map for future planning.  A mission can now be create and the KML file should be visible.

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