Improve Communication Across Your Production Team Using Automatic Email Alerts

“What do you mean the elevation data isn’t ready? I have orthos that have to be delivered by Friday! Why wasn’t I told there was a slip in schedule? The customer is going to be pissed.” Sound familiar? As anybody who has been in this industry for a while will tell you, investing in cutting-edge sensor systems and deploying sophisticated production software tools is only part of building a profitable business. Being engineers and scientists, the technical aspects of collecting, processing and manipulating data into a finished product will always be near and dear to our hearts. But the need for timely communication and accurate project tracking across your production team doesn’t go away just because you have a nice shiny new LIDAR sensor. In fact, I would argue it becomes more critical to making sure that an expensive investment provides the expected benefits to your bottom line. You ignore the management side of production at great risk to the long term success of your business. Our experience with our GeoCue customers provides direct evidence of this paradigm. We have seen companies invest in identical hardware and software tools, but achieve very, very different levels of success. We are convinced it comes down to having good people and giving those people effective tools to help them manage their work. And, of course, we believe GeoCue plays a large role in the latter.

Improve Communication Across Your Production Team


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