Using GeoCue to Track Productivity For Your Team

The GeoCue production environment includes tools for tracking and reporting project management metrics. We have seen over the years that organizations that closely monitor project metrics respond sooner and react more effectively when problems arise in production, essentially taking advantage of GeoCue as an early warning system to flag corrective action based on actual performance. After all, unlike good wine, bad news does not age well; the sooner problems in production can be identified the sooner they can be addressed. Of course, nothing replaces the hands-on, day-to-day involvement of a seasoned, experienced production manager in meeting deadlines and staying on budget, but using the tracking tools already in GeoCue allows managers to quickly confirm the 80% of the situation they already knew to be true while highlighting the 20% that they may not have noticed was slipping or, worse, thought they knew was on-track, but it turns out “it ain’t so”.

Using GeoCue to Track Productivity


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