Increment GeoCue Project IDs

On occasion a user may wish to increment the auto generated GeoCue project IDs which get assigned upon project creation. One may wish to do this when running multiple servers in order to ensure unique project IDs, as all GeoCue Servers begin with 80254 as the first project number. Users recovering corrupted databases may also wish to do so in order to increment the current project number beyond any existing projects in order to alleviate confusion or corrupting data. For such occurrences we have a ProjectIDIncrementer utility that may be run.

  1. Download the ProjectIDIncrementer utility
  2. Extract the contents to the GeoCue Client installation folder (typically, “C:\Program Files\GeoCue\GeoCue Client”) on any client machine connected to your GeoCue server.
  3. Run ProjectIDIncrementer
    1. Enter the desired highest project ID.

In the example below the next project created will have the GeoCue project ID of 80400.


ProjectIDIncrementer Example


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