Insufficient Resources Available in Dispatch Manager


Distributed tasks don’t seem to take full advantage of the available Distributed Subtask Licenses (DSLs). When the task is running, the first pending subtask in Dispatch Manager under the “Pending Reason” column reads “Insufficient Resources Available”.

Insufficient resources available means the available machine resources are less than the predicted usage of the command being run, so the subtask cannot begin. For more information, see factors that control command dispatch dispatched distributed instances.

Probable Resolution #1:

Command Predicted Usage is set higher than expected. These can be verified in Environment Builder by locating the command corresponding to the checklist step being run. The easiest way is to start by selecting the checklist step in the “Checklist” tab, then select the “Checklist Steps” tab, and then select the “Commands” tab. The applicable command should be selected automatically for you when you follow this procedure.

Fig. 1: Command Predicted Usage

Probable Resolution #2:

The Available Resources for the machine(s) are lower than expected. These can be verified for each machine in the Machines tab of Dispatch Manager.

Fig. 2: Machine Resources

Probable Resolution #3:

The machine(s) have some percentage of their resources currently reserved by the RESERVED processing cloud. This makes the available resources lower than the settings indicate. The RESERVED processing cloud settings can be verified in the Clouds tab in Dispatch Manager.

RESERVED Processing Cloud Settings

Probable Resolution #4:

The processing cloud being used for the task has less than 100% of the machine(s) available for use by that processing cloud. The NAMED processing cloud, such as “All Machines”, settings can be verified in the Clouds tab in Dispatch Manager.


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