Loki – Downloading Images from Inspire 2 with USB Cable.

When downloading images from the Inspire 2, it is best to download the images with the USB cable to reduce wear and tear on the SD card slot.  To do this:

1. The camera must be connected to the aircraft.

2. The aircraft must be powered on.

3. Loki Personality cable must be connected to the aircraft (with SD card inserted).

4. Connect the USB A to USB A cable to the aircraft and your computer.  Be sure the “Pair” switch on the Inspire 2 (above the USB port) is set to PC.  You should now be able to access the SD card through the USB connection.

5. Open ASPSuite and create a new project (or add to an existing project).  Be sure to “Copy selected files to Project Folder”.  Click next.

6. Click the green plus sign to add images and navigate to the images for the flight.

When all other data has been selected for import, click finish and the images will be imported into your project folder.



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