Loki M200 Offsets: Gen 1 vs Gen 2

The primary difference in the two mounts is the use of screws/washers to attach the mount to the M200, and the Loki to the mount.

The nominal lever arms for the original mounts were: x: 4 cm, y: 0 cm, z: 35.5 cm (0.04m, 0.0m, 0.355m, as entered in the ASP dialog in meters).  However, some of the earliest mounts may have had incorrect antenna heights, and depending on the orientation of the mast, the x-lever may be 2 cm instead of 4.

For the x-lever arm, if the Maxtenna connector is oriented such that it is to the front of the aluminum rod (side nearest Loki), then the arm is 2 cm; behind the rod (away from Loki), the arm is 4 cm.  Again, the entry on the ASP dialog must be in meters.

To measure the z-arm, determine the height of the circular aluminum ground plane above a flat surface on which the M200 is sitting.  Add 3.7 cm to this height to obtain the Maxtenna’s APC (antenna phase center), then subtract the height of the X4S as measured from the pitch axis (this is nominally 11.1 cm).  This is the z-lever arm.  For example, for a ground plane height of 43.8 cm: 43.8 + 3.7 – 11.1 = 36.4 cm z-lever arm.

For general information about lever arm offsets, try this article: https://support.geocue.com/gps-antenna-lever-arm-offsets/


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