LP360: Checking for Software Updates

How do I check for LP360 Software Updates?
To check for the latest version of LP360 please follow the directions below.

1.       Exit All ArcMap and/or LP360 sessions

2.       Open the LP360 License Administrator.

3.       Select the “Check for Software Updates” button:

a.       For versions 2011.1.x or above, this button is located on “License” tab;

b.      For versions or below, this button is located on “Availability” tab.

4.       The Software Update Information Page will open in the default web browser.

5.       On the software update information page there are a total of four software installers from which to select. Download the desired *.MSI files to a location on the computer or on the network in a place that is easily accessible to the person doing the installation.

a.       Update Type:

i.      Latest Release is the latest version of the software which is fully supported.

ii.      Latest Experimental is the latest version of the software made available for beta users.

1.       Important Note: No fixes are available for defects found in the experimental release until the next experimental release is made.

b.      For each update type there are two installers:

i.      The 64-bit installer is for LP360 for Windows (64-bit) only and is only applicable for machines running 64-bit versions of Windows.

ii.      The LP360 for ArcGIS installer is for the 32-bit version of LP360 for Windows and LP360 for ArcGIS and may be installed on machines running either 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows.

1.       LP360 for ArcGIS is only installed by running the 32-bit installer.  This installer is required regardless of the operating system if running LP360 in ArcMap as ArcMap is a 32-bit application.

Additional Comments
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