LP360 Installation & Licensing FAQs

LP360 Installation & Licensing FAQs are some of the frequently asked questions about installing and licensing the LP360 product. See also, Frequently Asked Questions about LP360, tools, usage, and workflows.

1. Is LP360 compatible with ArcPro?

We are closely tracking ArcGIS Pro. So far, ESRI has not added a software developer kit (SDK) at a sufficiently low level to add a deeply integrated extension such as LP360. They have told us in one-on-one meetings that they intend to do so but have not yet committed to a schedule. When this SDK is released, we do plan to migrate to ArcGIS Pro.

2. Do I need to do anything with LP360 when upgrading ArcGIS?

With LP360 for ArcGIS, after upgrading ArcGIS versions, LP360 will need to be re-registered within ArcGIS. This can be accomplished in one of two ways. The first option is to un-install LP360 and then re-install. Or, a user can run a registry program that will register the needed DLL’s within ArcGIS.

3. Where to find a download link to the latest version?

The supported LP360 installers are available from the LP360 Installers page on this knowledge base. True View EVO installers are currently found by logging into our FTP site using the credentials provided with your licensing information and found in the \TrueView2020.1 folder

4. Which versions of LP360 run with which versions of ArcGIS?

Please refer to our compatibility chart.

5. Can I install LP360 via scripting?

LP360 can be automatically installed via a script.

6. I’ve installed LP360, but do not see the LP360 ArcGIS extension.

There are two versions of the LP360 installer, LP360forArcGIS_v*.msi (32-bit), and LP360x64_v*.msi (64-bit). As ArcGIS is a 32-bit program you must install LP360forArcGIS_v*.msi in order for the extension to be accessible from within ArcGIS. Note that it is possible, and in fact recommended, to install both versions on a machine with a 64-bit operating system, if you are also working with ArcGIS.

7. What level of ArcGIS is required to run LP360?

All levels of LP360 (Basic, Standard, Advanced and LP360 for sUAS) require only the Basic level of ArcGIS.  ArcGIS version 9.3 through 10.8 are supported.

8. Can I upgrade a license of LP360 from a Basic level to a Standard level?

Yes.  As long as the maintenance is current on the seat of LP360 that you want to upgrade, you simply pay the difference to get the next level of software.


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