LP360 and Topolyst Feature Analyst

Feature Analyst is an exciting new tool that will appear in LP360/Topolyst 2016.2.  To motivate this discussion, I will provide a synopsis of a few use cases for Feature Analyst here.  A detailed look at these cases is presented at the end of this article.  Examples of tests you will be able to perform with the 2016.2 release include:

  • Water body flatness (Flat Feature)
  • Monotonic Hydro Drainage (Downhill/Uphill)
  • “Fudge Factor” in creating drains (M Value tests)
  • Contour flatness test
  • Stockpile toes deviating from the surface
  • Unintentional holes (CW/CCW)
  • Too much polygon detail (Minimum Polygon Area)
  • Many other examples….

We have been working with a small group of customers (primarily from the US Government) who do a lot of feature collection from LIDAR-based data sets.  This work is primarily in support of hydrological modeling but can also encompass planimetric mapping operations.  The group forms what I call the “LP360 Advisory Group” or “LAG.”  This group advises us on capabilities for our software that will make a significant positive impact on their work.

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