LP360 Tutorials: Getting Started Guide

LP360 Tutorials

The LP360 tutorials are designed for new users of LP360. They provide the basics for getting you started with displaying and working with LIDAR data. These tutorials are designed for you to view alongside LP360, while performing all the same tasks that you see displayed.

Data Needed for the Tutorials

You will need the sample data set for doing the exercises that are demonstrated in these tutorials. Go to tutorials.geocue.com/data and download all of the data, maintaining the folder structure on your local device.

Viewing the Tutorials

The tutorials are executed using Internet Explorer. They are interactive in that you may navigate through the segments, rewind or go forward, and pause as needed. Many automatic stops are already in place so that you may perform the exercises and move on when you are ready.

The tutorials use ActiveX controls, so be sure that they are enabled in your version of Internet Explorer before you begin the tutorials. If you see a message when you start a tutorial indicating that ActiveX controls are blocked, click the option to “Allow ActiveX controls”.

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