LP360 Workflow Video – How to Process L1 data in LP360 Drone

In this video, we demonstrate the updated workflow to help you get the most from your L1 data when you process your L1 data in LP360 Drone.  LP360 Drone enhances data from your DJI (M3E, P1, L1, P4 RTK, M200 RTK, Zenmuse X4S, and X7S). We start where DJI Terra software ends. Produce final deliverables, including DTM, one-foot contours, classified point cloud, and volumetrics. The DJI Zenmuse L1 is an entry level system that integrates the Avia Livox LIDAR, IMU, and a 20MP mapping camera on a gimbal fitted to the DJI M300 RTK. When bundled with DJI Terra and the LP360 Drone software, it allows users to deliver quality data derived from non-complex environments.

LP360 Workflow – How to Process L1 Data in LP360 Drone

0:40 Import Terra Data

5:05 Compute the Flight Lines

5:27 Create Trajectories

7:39 StripAlign the Data

9:37 Smooth the Data

10:49 Ground Classification

12:45 Quality Control Check

13:40 Export Contours

14:10 Review of Workflow


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