Monochromatic/Hillshade Displays in LP360

We have added a new monochromatic display mode in LP360 as well as rearranged the hillshade options to a more logical arrangement.

A monochromatic display is just what it implies – a solid, single color display of all points regardless of attributes such as class or return number.  This mode of display is ideal for hillshades where you wish to accentuate some aspect of the data.  A classic example is to detect three dimensional attributes of the data within the 2D display.

You could always achieve a monochromatic display in LP360 by trickery such as setting up a Live View filter of Returns with all returns coded to the same color.  However, this was a bit inconvenient and a bit of an Easter egg.

A second annoyance we have corrected in LP360 (recall, this is the standalone version) is to move the hillshade toggle from the QC toolbar to the main display toolbar.  This makes more sense because hillshade is used in many areas other than just QC.  Finally, we made the hillshade settings for the Map View independent of the 3D View.  The new toolbar layout is depicted in Figure 1.  The new Monochromatic display setting is one of the many display modes on the Display palette.  The hillshade tool appears the same as in past versions but has been moved to the main toolbar.

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