New LP360 Experimental Release

We have just posted a new Experimental (EXP) release of LP360. These experimental releases give customers an opportunity to take advantage of (and yes, test!) new features of LP360 prior to the official block releases. We generally plan on two block releases per year (as in 2013.1 and 2013.2) and EXP releases when we have a bundle of stable features. We may also do an EXP release to support a customer who has contracted with us to add a special feature that is needed prior to a block release.
Our new EXP release (2013.2.24.0) has some exciting new features that most users will find quite valuable. In addition, this EXP release has a preview of our new Point Cloud Task (PCT) engine, a feature aimed at advanced users. All of the new features described in this article are available in all LP360 platforms (LP360 for ArcGIS®, LP360 for Windows® 32-bit and LP360 for Windows® 64-bit). The new features are available at various license levels (Basic, Standard, Advanced). I will indicate any feature that requires a licensing level above Basic.

New LP 360 Experimental Release



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