NGS Releases a New Video on the Importance of Accurate Coastal Elevation and Shoreline Data

NGS Releases New Educational Video!

New Video on the Importance of Accurate Coastal Elevation and Shoreline Data

This latest video explains the role of topo-bathy light detection and ranging (LIDAR) products in the National Geodetic Survey’s (NGS) mapping and charting program, and how these products provide a critical dataset for coastal resilience, coastal intelligence, and place-based conservation. 

Federal, state, and local decision-makers; coastal zone managers; community planners; as well as general and scientific users of mapping products, will find this four-minute video helpful for understanding the benefits of NGS’ coastal elevation data.

The video is available for you to view both on COMET’s YouTube channel, as well as on our National Geodetic Survey video library page.

This video has been produced in collaboration with The COMET® Program and is another in the expanding library of resources in NGS’ educational series of informational videos.


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