No more valid machines available for processing


The task or subtask messages column of the GeoCue Dispatch Manager states, “No more valid machines available for processing” or ” No other valid machines available for re-processing”.

Probable Resolution #1:

The task, such as Archiving, is configured, to dispatch to only the machine from which it was started. An error was encountered during archiving and no additional machines are available because this is not a task that dispatches to multiple machines. Verify the archive logs to identify and remedy the issue that was encountered.

Probable Resolution #2

No other machines are available to retry the failed dispatched task. Ensure more machines are configured in the Cloud or selected when distributing the checklist step so that GeoCue may retry the process on another machine when an exception is encountered. For this entity, review the checklist step history pane entries from the previous attempt for more information about the issue that was encountered.

For example, when running a TerraScan macro in GeoCue the command is configured to automatically retry on another machine since the majority of exceptions for this command are from a lack of licenses. Retrying on another machine allows the system to try and find a machine with a valid licenses capable of processing the working segment to completion.

Checklist Step History for Run Macro

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