Photoscan – Editing Orthomosaics

Photoscan has a function to assign only user selected images for a specific area. This is useful for cleaning up areas of the ortho that have: blurriness, moving vehicles, bad image stitching, etc.

1. To begin, make sure that you have selected to view the orthomosaic, draw a polygon around the area in the orthomosaic that has issues. Use the Draw Polygon tool that is located in the toolbar. Left click around the area that needs to be edited and double click to finish. (Figure 1)

(Figure 1)

2. Right click on the polygon and choose Assign Images. (Figure 2)

(Figure 2)

3. Concerning replacement imagery for the chosen area, a single photo or multiple photos can be assigned. When you click on the available photos, in the Assign Images window, the imagery will change in the polygon area. Choose photo(s) that change the area to the desired appearance. When you are finished, click OK. (Figure 3)

(Figure 3)

4. To enforce the changes that you have selected for the ortho: You must update the orthomosaic after assigning the images in a chosen area. Click on the Update Orthomosaic button. This button will only be highlighted once you have assigned images. (Figure 4)

(Figure 4)

5. After pressing this button and accepting the changes, it will become grayed out once more. The orthomosiac should now reflect the changes that you have selected in the Photoscan orthomosiac window and export.


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