True View EVO Users Guide

True View Evo is a 64-bit Windows® desktop application used for processing and exploiting True View sensor data. It is GeoCue’s LP360 point cloud exploitation product with the addition of a collection of tools for True View sensor data workflows. Currently, True View Evo is available in two licensing levels:

  • True View Evo – This is equivalent to LP360 Advanced with the addition of the True View workflow tools.  It is limited to product areas of no more than 4 km2 of LIDAR data
  • True View Evo Unlimited – this is the same functionally as True View EVO but the size limit is removed. 

True View EVO is the software used to post-process your raw flight data. EVO will generate a 3D LIDAR point cloud in LAS format, colorize the point cloud, and geotag the images collected. It is based on GeoCue’s LIDAR point cloud exploitation software, LP360, and comes with all the same tools as LP360 Advanced. Tools such as accuracy assessment, automatic and manual ground classification, and contour/ surface exporting.

The True View EVO Users Guide covers installation and licensing for True View EVO and the Applanix POSPac software. It also covers in detail the workflow for producing a colorized point cloud and geotagged images from the raw data collected by the True View 410.

About GeoCue Group, Inc. 4
About True View EVO.. 5
About True View Reckon.. 5
A True View Cycle.. 5
Licensing and Installation. 6
Licensing True View EVO.. 6
POSPac Cloud vs Local Processing. 7
Cloud. 7
Installing POSPac Cloud. 7
Adding a Company to EVO.. 8
True View Reckon Portal 8
Local 10
Configuring EVO for POSPac UAV.. 11
Creating A New EVO Project. 12
Import Cycle. 12
Examining Imported Files. 14
Create Post Process Trajectory File. 15
Processing Settings Selection. 16
Base Station Input Settings. 17
Trajectory Output Settings. 19
Processing Confirmation. 20
Post Process Trajectory Troubleshooting. 21
True View Error: UPLOAD_FAILED.. 21
True View Error: Execution_Failed. 21
True View EVO Error: An unexpected error occurred running POSPacBatch.exe. 22
Creating Flight Lines and True View Trajectories. 23
Auto Create Flight Lines. 23
Manually Create Flight Lines. 25
Create True View Trajectories. 26
Geocode LIDAR. 29
Colorize Point Cloud. 32
Update EXIF Tags for Photogrammetric Software. 34
Appendix A: POSPac UAV Network License. 36
Activate the license server. 37
To use the license while on the same network as the license server.. 37
To Borrow a license From the license server.. 39
Firewall Settings to Communicate with the License Server. 40
Configuring the Applanix Software License Utility for VPN.. 40
Applanix Software License Utility Troubleshooting.. 41
No Internet Connection Available. Activating a license requires an internet connection.. 41
Support. 42

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