Horizontal and vertical accuracy not being read correctly by PIX4D

We have received reports and have verified that PIX4D v4.6.3 has issues reading the horizontal and vertical accuracy values, as well as the Omega, Phi, Kappa values (True View only) from images tagged by ASPSuite and True View EVO. Two workarounds:

  1. Use Pix4Dmapper 4.5.6 (download) until further notice. ONLY option available for True View 3DIS
  2. Or, edit all accuracies to the default accuracy (0.02 for all ASPSuite and True View EVO datasets).
    1. Right-click one cell of the column.
    2. Click Edit All Altitudes / Horz. Accuracies. Type the new value. 0.02m.
    3. Click Enter or click outside the cell.
    4. Click Edit All Altitudes / Vert. Accuracies. Type the new value, 0.02m.
    5. Click Enter or click outside the cell.



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