Redlining in Reckon

AirGon Reckon (“Reckon”) is our cloud hosted collaboration portal for small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS) or “drone” mapping. It has been designed from the ground up for scalability in the cloud. Hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS), it provides a robust platform for sharing data that requires no administration or infrastructure on the user’s part including that dreaded operation of data backups!

Reckon is designed to accommodate companies that wish to manage data for multiple sites (of course, just a single site is fine, as well!). It is suited to any of the various deployment models including owner/operator, service provider or any combination of the two extremes. Once a company has a Reckon subscription, they can easily establish a location for each of their physical project sites. A physical site might be a quarry site, a stockpile yard, a borrow pit or any other area that will be routinely monitored. In Figure 1 is depicted the physical sites associated with the Reckon test login. Thus you can imagine these as the four sites being managed by the AirGon Reckon Company. You can explore this yourself at

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