RunMacro Exception: System.Exception: Unable to ReadFileNumber after 1000 attempts


Attempting to Run Macro in GeoCue results in a “RunMacro Exception: System.Exception: Unable to ReadFileNumber after 1000 attempts” error message in the System Messages of the Checklist Step history.

Run Macro ReadFileNumber Error

Probable Resolution #1:

Verify that the GeoCue temp folder has been set by opening Configure Client.  Also, verify that the path in “GeoCue Temp Folder” is valid and has read/write permissions for the GeoCue Dispatch user and all GeoCue users on that machine.

Configure Client Temp Folder Setting

Probable Resolution #2:

Ensure that no dispatched processes are running on the machine and then delete the contents of the “{GeoCue Temp}\GeoCue\GeoCue\TerraSlave” folder. Then try executing the Run Maco step again using the Run Local option so that you can verify if the TerraSlave executable starts and see if there is any additional troubleshooting messages that appear.


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