How do I switch the language being used by ASPSuite?

ASPSuite by default will launch in English, unless it’s running on an operating system that is a supported language. With the release of v2019.1, the supported languages in ASPSuite are French, German, Spanish, and Japanese.

To modify the language on start up: Holding “CTRL+ ‘e'” while clicking on the icon to launch the program will launch the program in English. Similarly, “CTRL+ ‘j'” for Japanese, “CTRL+ ‘s'” for Spanish, “CTRL+ ‘f'” for French and “CTRL+ ‘g'” for German. As support for additional languages is added so will similar shortcuts.

To modify the default language:

In the ASPSuite installation folder (commonly “C:\Users\%user%\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\AH9G1ZQJ.JGV\KLCMKRK1.V37\asps..tion_753cade1de3b952f_07e3.0001_2a83f2bb0b01c102”, but best found by right-clicking on ASPSuite in Windows Task Manager and selecting “Open File Location”) there are multiple ASPSuite_MVVM.resources.dll installed under a two digit language code folder name. For example, “de” for German and “es” for Spanish.

  1. Renaming the language subfolder will cause ASPSuite to not find the language resource file it and open in English.

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