Switching Languages in LP360 or True View EVO

How do I switch the language being used by LP360 or TrueView EVO?
LP360 by default will launch in English, unless it’s running on an operating system that is a supported language. Currently the supported languages are Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

For LP360 (both 32-bit and 64-bit), LPViewer, and TrueView EVO: Holding “CTRL+ ‘e'” while clicking on the icon to launch the program will launch the program in English. Similarly, “CTRL+ ‘c'” for Chinese, “CTRL+ ‘f'” for French, “CTRL+ ‘j'” for Japanese, “CTRL+ ‘o'” for Polish (v2022.1 and later), “CTRL+ ‘p'” for Portuguese (v2022.1 and later), “CTRL+ ‘p'” for Polish (v2014.1- v2021.1), “CTRL+ ‘r'” for Russian, and “CTRL+ ‘s'” for Spanish. As support for additional languages is added, so will similar shortcuts.

For the LP360 for ArcGIS extension: Note: The shortcuts stated above do not work with the LP360 extension for ArcGIS.

To modify the default language for the packages above:

In the LP360 (64-bit) common files location (typically, “C:\Program Files\Common Files\LP360” for versions 2018.1 and later, and “C:\Program Files\Common Files\QCoherent” for versions prior to 2018.1) and in the LP360 (32-bit) common files location (typically, “C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\LP360” for versions 2018.1 and later, and “C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\QCoherent” for versions prior to 2018.1), there are several DLL’s installed:

LPResources.dll – English – “CTRL+ ‘e'”

LPResourcesCHS.dll – Chinese (Simplified) *added in v2020.1 – “CTRL+ ‘c'”

LPResourcesFRA.dll – French *added in v2022.1 – “CTRL+ ‘f'”

LPResourcesDEU.dll – German *added in v2023.1 – “CTRL+ ‘g'”

LPResourcesJPN.dll – Japanese *added in v2013.2 – “CTRL+ ‘j'”

LPResourcesKOR.dll – Korean *added in v2023.1 – “CTRL+ ‘k'”

LPResourcesPLK.dll – Polish *added in v2014.1 – “CTRL+ ‘o”

LPResourcesPTB.dll – Portuguese *added in v2022.1 – “CTRL+ ‘p'”

LPResourcesRUS.dll – Russian *added in v2021.1 – “CTRL+ ‘r'”

LPResourcesESN.dll – Spanish *added in v2013.2 – “CTRL+ ‘s'”

  1. As an administrator with write permissions to the common files folder, and with all ArcGIS sessions closed, make a copy of the DLL that corresponds with the language of your operating system. For example, make a copy of “LPResourcesESN.dll”, if running on a Spanish version of Windows.
  2. Delete the original DLL from which you made the copy. Following the example above, delete “LPResourcesESN.dll”.
  3. Copy the desired language, for example, for English copy “LPResources.dll”, into the same folder to create a file called “LPResources – Copy.dll”.
  4.  Rename the copy from step 3 to the same name as the file deleted above in step 2. Following this example, rename “LPResources – Copy.dll” to “LPResourcesESN.dll”.
  5. Open any of the 32-bit versions of LP360 to see the default language has been modified accordingly.
  6.  To modify the default for the 64-bit Windows versions of the program repeat the steps above in the LP360 (64-bit) common files location (typically “C:\Program Files\Common Files\QCoherent” for versions prior to 2018.1 and C:\Program Files\Common Files\LP360″ for versions 2018.1 and later).
Additional Comments
Note: Changing the running language will not modify existing task names. If you have any questions about the information provided in this article please contact support@LP360.com at any time.

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