System.Exception: Entity with name …has no associated graphic

While populating working segments the populate step goes into the exception state and the system messages in the checklist step details contains a message to the effect:

“System.Exception: Entity with name <EntityName> and ID <EntityID> on layer <LayerName> has no associated graphic.  The entity is likely corrupted.”


EntityName is the name of the probably corrupted entity;

Entity ID is the unique ID number for that probably corrupted entity;

LayerName is the name of the particular layer which has the probably corrupted entity.

That error message indicates that you have a corrupted entity on your source layer, “LayerName”. The corrupted entity has ID# EntityID.  Most likely what happened is the file didn’t read correctly while the entity was being created.  Did you have any errors reported while importing the source LIDAR? You can see these in the processing tab found on the layer properties pane for that layer.

The easiest way to identify and remove these corrupted entities is to:

  1. Start with an empty Working Set.
  2. Right-click on the layer, “LayerName” and Add All Entities to the Working Set.
  3. Open entity manager for the entities in the working set.
  4. Use the fit world option in the map display to fit your map display to all of your data.
  5. Using the select tool, graphically select all entities in the map view.
  6. Remove the selected entities from the Working Set.
  7. The remaining entities should be the ones with corrupted graphics and should include the entity with ID# EntityID.  The ID column is the right-most column in Entity Manager.
  8. Verify that the remaining entities in the list are indeed corrupted and delete them using the Red X on the working set toolbar.
  9. Re-import the deleted strips.



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