Error: The site is not available


When attemping to access a site in Reckon web-client, the user gets the following error message: “The site is not available. Please ask your service provider to republish the site.” If the user clicks through this message, no published data will be available. This is caused by not properly completing the publishing process in Reckon Publish client.

Reckon Client – Site Error Message

Probable Resolution #1:

As mentioned in the message, the site will need to be republished before the data is accessible again in the web-client. The site publisher will need to log into Reckon Publisher client and navigate to the site causing issues. After clicking “Next >” in the Client Project Data screen, wait for: Uploading Files (if you are performing this step), Synchronization and Publishing to run successfully in the Processing screen. If any of these steps fail, the user must reprocess. The error message in the Reckon web-client is caused by failures in this portion of the Reckon Publishing process.

Reckon Publisher – Processing screen

Once all of the processes in the Processing screen have run successfully (denoted by green color displayed for each process), click “Next>” to continue to the Results screen. Click “Finish” in the Results screen to complete the publishing process.


Reckon Publisher – Results screen

By properly completing the publishing process, the user should again have access to the site in the Reckon web-client.


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