True View 250 Hardware User Guide

The True View 250 Hardware User Guide covers the ins and outs of installing and operating the True View® 250 2DIS. Updated for firmware v3.0.5.

The True View® 250 features dual GeoCue mapping camera with a 120° fused field of view for efficient and accurate photogrammetric data collection in a 1 kg package. The system is currently compatible with the DJI M200 v2 and will soon be ready for use with the DJI M300RTK. Other aircraft may be integrated in the future, custom integrations can be performed by GeoCue by contacting our sales department.

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About True View® 250 4
A True View Cycle 4
True View 2DIS Hardware Integration Kit (DJI M200 v2) 5
Installing the Controller Box Plate 5
True View 2DIS Installation (DJI M200 v2) 10
True View 2DIS Power Supply 16
True View USB Mass Storage (UMS) 16
System Configuration File (SCF) 17
Core Configuration File (CCF) 17
True View 250 Field Operations 18
Base Station 18
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True View EVO 21
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