Updating the True View 410 Firmware

The following steps describe the process for updating your True View 410 firmware.

  1. The firmware will be provided in a zipped folder. Do not unzip the folder. 
  2. Copy the zipped folder to the top level of the UMS drive for the True View 410 unit.
  3. Plug the UMS drive into the True View 410 unit.
  4. Connect the True View 410 controller box to True View 410 unit. 
  5. Power on the True View 410. 
    1. All three lights will flash yellow initially.
    2. Sys light will flash white.
    3. Then, all lights will power off.
    4. Once complete, the system will begin its normal start up procedure.
    5. The battery light will flash until the battery voltage is checked. The light will turn solid green, yellow, or red.
  6. Power off the True View 410. 
  7. Remove the UMS drive from the True View 410 and insert into a laptop.
  8. The zipped firmware folder should no longer be present on the UMS.
  9. A file named “Update.log” should now be present.
  10. Open the update log and verify the firmware is on the latest version. 

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