Updating the True View 410 Firmware

The following steps describe the process for updating your True View 410 firmware. The latest firmware update for the True View 410 is available for download and installation by logging into the GeoCue FTP site, using your client credentials provided with the initial licensing information, and browsing for the “TrueView410Firmware” folder found in the root.

Current CCU Firmware: 2.0.11
Current Camera Firmware: 72.00
  1. The True View firmware will be provided in a zipped folder. Do not unzip the folder.  The true View camera firmware will be provided as a firmware.bin file. It is important not to get the two mixed up!
  2. Copy the provided firmware.zip folder and CoreConfiguration.json to the top level of the UMS drive for the True View 410 unit.
  3. Plug the UMS drive into the True View 410 unit.
  4. When installing firmware 2.0.4 or newer the True View camera firmware will need to be updated as well.
    1. Remove the SD cards from both cameras and insert them into a laptop.
    2. If the flight photos currently on them have not been backed up, do so now.
    3. Erase all data from the two camera SD cards.
    4. Copy the provided firmware.bin, note the bin format, not the zipped folder, (version 72.00) file into the top level of each SD card.
    5. Reinsert both camera SD cards into the cameras.
  5. Connect the True View 410 controller box to True View 410 unit. 
  6. Power on the True View 410. 
    1. All three lights will blink yellow initially.
    2. After roughly 5 seconds, the SYS light will blink white. This indicates the firmware upgrade is in progress.
    3. Afterwards, all lights will power off.
    4. Once complete, the system will begin its normal start up procedure. The battery light will blink until the battery voltage is checked. The light will then turn a solid green, yellow, or red to indicate the battery level. Once the True View LEDs reach this state, move to step 7. See the True View Hardware Users Guide for more information on the light sequences during system startup.
  7. Power off the True View 410.
  8. Remove the SD cards from both cameras and insert into a laptop.
    1. The firmware.bin file should no longer be present at this point, indicating a successful update.
  9. Remove the UMS drive from the True View 410 and insert it into a laptop.
    1. The zipped firmware folder should no longer be present on the UMS.
    2. A file named “Update.log” should now be present.
    3. Open the update log and verify the firmware has been updated to the latest version, “update True View firmware to 2.0.11”. 

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