IMU90 Configuration for Applanix POSPac v8.6

Some True View 640 3DIS may contain an IMU90 instead of the IMU82. IMU90 is newer and not supported as part of the standard POSPac UAV v8.6 installation released in February 2021. The IMU90 is supported by POSPac UAV v8.6 SP1 released in May 2021, so the steps below are not necessary if you update or install the service pack.

  1. Install POSPac UAV v8.6.
  2. Rename the existing “C:\Program Files\Applanix\POSPac UAV 8.6\Config\POSPacUAV.cfg” as a backup.
  3. Download the POSPacUAV.cfg and imu_va_90.ppf files
  4. Extract and copy the downloaded POSPacUAV.cfg and imu_va_90.ppf files into the “C:\Program Files\Applanix\POSPac UAV 8.6\Config” folder to process data with the type 90 IMU.

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