True View 600 Series Hardware Users Guide

The True View 600 Series Hardware Users Guide covers the ins and outs of installing and operating the survey grade Riegl based True View 3DIS (Imaging Systems – LIDAR/Cameras). The True View 600 Series Hardware Users Guide covers the True View 615, 620, 635, and 640. Updated for firmware v3.0.7.1.

Image of the True View 600 series 3DIS hardware
True View 3DIS 600 Series

The True View® 600 Series is GeoCue Group’s second generation LIDAR/camera fusion platform designed from the ground up to generate high accuracy 3D colorized LIDAR point clouds using the Riegl miniVUX-2UAV and Riegl miniVUX-3UAV. Featuring dual GeoCue Mapping Cameras, a Riegl miniVUX-UAV laser scanners and Applanix Position and Orientation System (POS), the result is a true 3D high accuracy imaging sensor (3DiS). With its wide 120° fused field of view, the True View 600 Series provides high accuracy 3D color mapping with excellent vegetation penetration and wire detection in a payload package of 3-3.5 kg.


About GeoCue Group, Inc.	4
About True View® 600 Series	5
A True View Cycle	5
True View Hardware Integration Kit (M600)	6
Installing the Top Plate and Controller Box	6
Installing the Ronin Mount	10
True View 600 Series Installation	12
True View Battery	16
True View Data Storage Devices	17
UMS	17
Camera SD Cards	17
System Configuration File (SCF)	18
Core Configuration File (CCF)	18
CCFSection6 – POS	18
CCFSection8 – Camera	19
CCFSection11 – Configuration Laser	20
CCFSection15 – Battery	21
CCFSection16 - Cycle	22
CCFSection17 – Storage Auto Delete	23
True View 600 Series Field Operations	24
1.	Base Station	24
2.	Pre-Flight	25
3.	Controller Box LEDs	27
4.	Heading Alignment Maneuver	29
5.	After Landing	30
True View EVO	31
Logging in To APX15	32
Configure True View Wi-fi	32
Log in to APX-15	33
Download T04 Files	33
Measuring GNSS Lever Arm Offsets	35
Z Offset	36
X Offset	37
Y Offset	38
True View 3DIS/M600 Pro – Mission Checklist	39
FAQ	41
Support	42

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