True View Training Event: Part 3

During our March TrueView Training event, we recorded the training session with the presenter to have the training material available on demand. Since the training covers two days of various topics we have broken the event down into smaller pieces. This session covers setting up a project and getting it ready for product generation, including running point cloud tasks and other LP360 tools.

0:04 Import Evo Cycle into project

1:12 Auto Create Flight Lines

1:25 Create TrueView Trajectories

2:32 Geocode Lidar

3:16 Import Flight 2

6:16 StripAlign for EVO

7:52 Add Control Points

8:42 Change Symbology Properties

9:16 Control Points Report

9:58 Debiasing the data set

10:59 Point Cloud Task Manager

12:00 Add Point Cloud Task

13:48 IO Manager

15:17 Project Path Settings

16:05 Execute Point Cloud Tasks

18:04 Review Control Report Changes

18:50 Training Objectives

19:49 Adaptive TIN Algorithm

23:06 Smoothing

25:35 Navigating the Profile Window

26:55 Change Point Size in Profile Window

27:16 Change Graticules

28:45 Quantify Peak to Peak and Root Mean Square Error (Planar Statistics)

34:48 Smoothing Point Cloud

37:29 Review Before and After Smoothing

38:47 Execute Active Point Cloud Task Using a Feature Layer

40:30 Ground Classification

40:41 Adaptive TIN Ground Filter

42:35 Edit Points Filter- Returns

44:20 Edit Points Filter- Classification

45:28 Destination Class

48:10 Force 100% resolution

48:51 Zoom to Full Extent

49:45 Seed Surface Quality Evaluation

51:39 Seed Placement Edge Effect

53:25 Manual Classification Tools

54:41 Classify Points Above Line Tool

55:56 Large Paint Brush Tool

56:37 Live View Point Count

57:12 Image Explorer Tool

58:14 Removing Noise

59:50 Classify Points Below Line Tool

1:00:21 Display Contours

1:01:49 Add Point Cloud Task Adaptive TIN Iterations

1:03:38 Destination Class- Set

1:08:50 Inspecting the Ground Classification

1:11:24 Display by Classification

1:13:10 Ground Cleanup Filter

1:18:05 Execute Point Class by Polygon

1:21:48 Using the Vertical Tool to work through Vegetation


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