TrueView Training Event: Part 4

During our March TrueView Training event, we recorded the training session with the presenter to have the training material available on demand. Since the training covers two days of various topics we have broken the event down into smaller pieces. This session covers model key points, deliverables such as contours, exporting data, uploading to Reckon, and creating explorer packages.

Time Stamps:

00:17 Exporting LiDAR Data

5:59 Generating a Straight Grid File

13:39 Looking at the Contours

14:20 Looking at Model Key Points (MKP Filter)

15:10 Create a filter for MKP

20:17 Generate a deliverable

23:27 Deliverables – Export Wizard

27:17 Add the orthophoto to the project

31:09 Generate an orthomosaic

32:03 Generate Contours

33:27 Export Contours

39:00 EVO Explorer- free project viewer for your customers

40:09 Uploading Data to Reckon

41:58 Geocue Support

44:55 Contours

45:24 Q&A

45:43 Revisit Image Explorer

46:55 Make an Explorer Package

49:40 Open an Explorer Package


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