TrueView Training Event: Part 2

During our March TrueView Training event, we recorded the training session with the presenter to have the training material available on demand. Since the training covers two days of various topics we have broken the event down into smaller pieces. This session covers field checking data, import settings, guest sensors, and project creation and processing.

0:10 Field Data Checking Methods Post Flight

1:15 Cycle Logs

4:16 Image Count

6:14 True View Processing Workflow

8:00 True View Import Wizard Settings Page

9:18 Guest Sensors

10:34 Select Input Cycle Folder

11:36 Project Roots Folder

13:44 Cycle Info Page

14:50 Selecting Project Reference System

17:43 Base Station / Ancillary File Page

18:35 Base Station Antennae Height

19:03 Ancillary Files

19:46 Base Station Location Page

21:22 Load Opus Solution

24:43 Nail Manager Import

28:00 PP window PosPac Processing

32:54 Review PosPac Report

34:30 Create Flight lines.

39:13 Create TrueView Trajectories

40:20 Retain Photos Within Flight Lines

41:26 Update Photo EXIF Tags with True Pose® Information

41:44 Geocoding Flight Line Numbering Solutions

42:56 Create Trajectories

43:15 Geocode Lidar

45:55 Radial Measurement Visualization Example

50:05 User Interface Options

50:50 Profile & Draw Profile Line

52:42 LP360 Live View

54:40 Make Points Bigger

55:02 Setting Clip Range

57:43 Colorize Point Cloud

58:10 Draw 3D view Extent

1:01:38 Import 2nd Flight

1:03:50 Create Flight Lines for 2nd Flight

1:06:20 Geocode 2nd Flight

1:07:05 Active LAS Layer

1:09:10 TrueView Reckon Sign In

1:10:00 Job Manager

1:10:45 StripAlign for EVO

1:12:20 StripAlign Notification email

1:15:38 Metashape for EVO

1:25:50 QAQC

1:26:10 Import Checkpoints

1:30:33 Change Symbology Properties

1:31:23 Control Points Report

1:40:04 Export Report

1:41:35 Display by Intensity


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