LP360 Drone System Requirements

Recommended True View EVO/LP360 Drone system requirements for processing data from TrueView, microdrones, and guest sensors:

  • Windows Version 10, Professional (64-bit) or Windows 11 Professional, or their server equivalents.
  • i7 or equivalent CPU.  The more cores, the faster the processing
  • 16 GB RAM (32 GB recommended)
  • Nvidia Graphics recommended but not required
  • Graphics must support Open GL 4.5
  • Internal Solid State Disk (SSD) with a minimum capacity of 256 GB
  • Secondary storage recommended but not required (e.g. 2 TB spinning disk)
  • USB 3.0 Required for data transfer from the TrueView USB Mass Storage (TrueView USB memory stick)
  • High speed network access required for LP360 Cloud processing (cloud processing of the trajectory is the only mode supported for subscription systems)
  • A minimum 1920 x 1080 resolution display recommended. High resolution, 4k displays, require configuring shortcut properties per Microsoft’s recommendations.
  • Dual Display highly recommended for office setups

These LP360 Drone system requirements are meant to provide some minimum guidance with some recommendations for faster processing. At this time no GPUs are used by LP360 Drone for typical processing, unless one is also running one of the photo addon licenses which utilizes a desktop or console version of Agisoft Metashape for processing the orthomosaic and point cloud from images.


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