Updating the TrueView Firmware

The following steps describe the process for updating your TrueView firmware for the TrueView 515vB and other current TrueView 3DIS (imaging systems). These version B and newer systems have no control box and create a system.log. For legacy systems with a control box and Cycle.log, please refer to the TrueView vA Firmware.

The latest firmware update is the same for the TrueView 435vB, TrueView 515vB, TrueView 535, TrueView 655, TrueView 660 and is available for download from the link below, or from the Downloads -> Software section of your Reckon account, search for “TrueView Firmware”.

Current Firmware: v2.0.0-4

Note: The TrueView firmware v2.x may produce Cycle data that requires LP360 v2023.1.32.0 or later to successfully process.

The firmware for the TrueView 680, TrueView 720, and various microdrones payloads are not the same. DO NOT attempt to install this update on those models.

Highlights of this firmware update:

  • Adds support for the TrueView Web UIwhich provides a user interface (UI) of the TrueView payload through any standard web browser. With the TrueView Web UI the user can monitor the system operation, readiness for data collection, and change settings. TrueView Web UI helps with troubleshooting by providing additional information about errors and issues.
  • Adds support for the TrueView535 to write directly to the approved and provided UMS.
  • Adds support for automatically handling files that exceed 4GB to allow users to always format the UMS in FAT32 for faster data transfer speeds.
  • Adds a warnings.log to the Cycle\System folder to provide a quick overview of any anomalies encountered during the flight.
  • Improves behavior of the preflight transfer to remove the need for a reboot and to transfer Cycles individually.
  • Improves the handling of low memory in flight situations.
  • Removes unnecessary warnings from the system log and improves warnings and errors to provide better descriptions.
  • Improved the connection with the debug cable to no longer require a static IP address.
  • Several enhancements and bug fixes to improve system reliability.

TrueView Firmware Update

If updates are required, the TrueView payload user can install the firmware update.

Please make sure the following conditions are met before updating the payload firmware.

  • If you have a payload battery, make sure it is fully charged and installed in the payload.
  • If you do not have a payload battery that is fully charged and installed, make sure the payload is mounted and properly connected to the drone.
  • The drone or payload battery is fully charged.
  • The drone with the payload is outside with visibility to the sky where the GPS fix can be found.
  • Make sure the UMS storage device is available.

The following are the general installation procedures, however, please refer to the hardware users guide for your applicable model number for specific details and changes in the operation of your system.

TrueView Firmware installation:

  1. Make sure the above prerequisites are met.
  2. If not already done, download the latest version of the firmware.
  3. Make sure the drone and payload are powered OFF and that the battery is disconnected.
  4. Install the TrueView payload UMS device into the computer.
  5. Copy all provided files with the .mdpkg extension onto the UMS device.
  6. Power ON the TrueView payload as you would do for a normal flight.
  7. The firmware will install automatically. Allow up to 2 minutes for the process to complete. The two indicators on the back of the payload will blink blue for 10 seconds when installation is successful. The payload will reinitialize automatically upon completion.
  8. If no flight is required, follow the instructions in the Multifunction Button section to shut down the payload. Once completed, power off the drone battery.

Verification of the update:

  1. Remove the UMS storage device from the TrueView 535 payload and insert it into the computer.
  2. Navigate to the UMS storage device drive and verify the file extensions was changed to .installed on every .mdpkg file. This means the installation of the firmware was successful. Remove the installation files once the installation process has been successful.
  3. GeoCue recommends completing a flight after the firmware update to quality check the data before the next operation.

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