Using a Non-Corrected Base Position in ASPSuite

It is always best practice to submit your static base observation data to an online post-processing service to obtain the position of your base station.  However, it is possible to process your Loki data with a base coordinate that has not been processed.  If a base position is needed to check for a fixed solution in the field, one can be extracted from the Rinex header of the base observation file.

  1. Download the static data from the base station and convert to Rinex.
  2. Open the Rinex file and convert the ECEF XYZ coordinates in the header to Lat/Lon using a converter, such as
    1. Note: The XYZ coordinates in the Rinex header are in meters and this conversion tool requires kilometers.
  3. Manually enter the latitude, longitude, and elevation into ASPSuite as the base position.

This will not provide absolute accuracy, but it will provide relative accuracy.


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