Using a Sparse LIDAR Dataset as Control Points

There may come a time when a user has two LIDAR datasets. One that represents the project area that is very dense and the other a sparser dataset from a ground survey. The ground survey data can be used to determine vertical accuracy once it is in the correct format to be used in LP360. The process of how to accomplish this is outlined below:

  1. Load the sparse dataset into LP360
  2. Use the LP360 Export Wizard to export the LIDAR data as a Point Shapefile
    1. Point Attributes to Export
      1. Easting (X)
      2. Northing (Y)
      3. Elevation (Z)
    2. Check the box to Export as 3D Shapes
    3. Export the extent of the sparse dataset
  3. Once the file has been generated it can be loaded into LP360 and used in the Control Points Dialog

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