Using Terrasolid Configuration Files while Running TerraSlave from GeoCue

These instructions are specific only to customers who are using the GeoCue software to run TerraSlave via a Run Macro step.

  1. Using Microstation set-up TerraScan with all the projection systems, input and output formats, transformations and any other settings that might be needed for any given project. This information is saved in the Terra Applications folder, namely, “c:\terra\tscan” in the following files:
    • Alrepfmt.inf – TerraScan Align Report
    • Blocknaming.inf – TerraScan block naming formulas
    • Codes.inf – TerraScan codes
    • Collection_shapes.inf – TerraScan Collection shapes
    • color_mixtures.inf – TerraScan Point Color Mixtures
    • group_formats.inf – TerraScan User group formats
    • Object_Library.inf – TerraScan object library (requires cell and object_library folders in Terra Applications folder)
    • Outfmt.inf – TerraScan Output Formats
    • Projection_Systems.inf – TerraScan Projection Systems
    • Rail_sections.inf – Rail section templates
    • Scanner_systems.inf – Scanner System definitions
    • Section_templates.inf – Section templates
    • Targets.inf – TerraScan Targets
    • Tower_functions.inf – Tower Function definitions
    • Tower_statuses.inf – Tower Status definitions
    • Tower_types.inf – Tower Type definitions
    • Trajfmt.inf – TerraScan Trajectory Formats
    • Trans.inf  – TerraScan Transformations
    • tree_species.inf – TerraScan Tree Species for tree database tools
    • Tree_types.inf – TerraScan Tree Type definitions
    • Waveform_profiles.inf – Waveform profile definitions for scanner systems
  2. Determine a place on the local network where these files will be placed.
  3. Create a folder.
  4. Set the permissions for the folder to read only for all users, or full control for one user and read only for the rest of the users.
  5. Place the files mentioned above in the folder.
  6. Open the GeoCue Client.
  7. Go to Setup Options LIDAR 1 CuePac 
    1. On the Misc tab browse to the folder contains the configuration files to be used by TerraSlave when running macros.
    2. Click OK to accept the option

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