4 articles Terrasolid Installation, Licensing and Updates

GeoCue Group’s repository of articles covering installation, licensing, and updates for the Terrasolid product line.

Configuring TerraSlave for GeoCue when Installed in a Location other than the Default

GeoCue 2020 If TerraScan, or TerraSlave, is installed in a location other than the default then for each machine where this is the case edit the Machine Properties in Dispatch Manager to add the Non-Standard EXE Location to enable GeoCue to find the TSlave or TerraSlave executable when needed. The executable and user preference, TSlave.UPF,…


Setting Screen Resolution and Scale

Applies only to versions of LP360 prior to v2023.1.22.0. With the release of LP360 v2023.1.32.0, this is handled automatically by the software. Many new laptops come with very high resolution screens, causing text and icons in various software packages to appear very tiny, or badly sized. Changing the screen resolution makes icons or test unreadable…


Recommended Hardware & Software

In this appendix that generally accompanies proposals for our GeoCue Workflow Management software we provide general hardware and software recommendations.  Please note that these recommendations are not the minimum requirements for GeoCue products (the system can run on much lesser configurations than our recommendations).  These are recommendations based on our experiences with clients involved in…


Using Terrasolid Configuration Files while Running TerraSlave from GeoCue

These instructions are specific only to customers who are using the GeoCue software to run TerraSlave via a Run Macro step. Using Microstation set-up TerraScan with all the projection systems, input and output formats, transformations and any other settings that might be needed for any given project. This information is saved in the Terra Applications…