Why are subtasks being Requeued?

Requeuing in the Command Dispatch System (CDS) will occur any time a subtask requires neighbors and suitable lock cannot be obtained. Multiple requeues often occur when there are a small number of entities and many resources available in the CDS. Neighbor overedge processing will cause surrounding tiles to become read locked while that tile is processing. If the user has a large number of entities, then the CDS has more available entities to run without conflicts, therefore less requeuing will occur because available resources can be provided an entity that is not a neighbor entity to those currently processing.

Note: The number of requeues is not an indicator of performance or issues related to processing. It depends upon system resources and the spatial arrangement of the entities. For example: if you have nine tiles in a grid, it will requeue more times than nine tiles in a line, given the same available resources. And nine tiles in a grid with many resources will requeue more times than nine tiles with only two available resources.


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