LP360 Software Update Guide

A brief overview of the installation process when updating LP360 is as follows:

  1. If using a license server, update the license server first.
  2. From the LP360 License Administrator, on the Availability tab, select “Check for Software Updates”.
  3. From the link at the top of the “CD Key Information and Software Updates” page that opens download the latest version of your authorization file.
  4. Download the Latest Release from the link on the “CD Key Information and Software Updates” page opened above.
  5. Run the new installation of LP360, with administrator level permissions, and complete the installation. Be sure to run the LP360 for ArcGIS (32-bit) version in order to run the LP360 for ArcGIS extension. It is perfectly fine, and recommended, to install both the 64-bit and 32-bit versions on the same 64-bit machine.
  6. Re-Authorize your current version using this new authorization file by selecting the Activate tab in the LP360 License Administrator and select the checkbox beside “I have an authorization file and I would like to complete the activation”. Then browse for the new file and select ok.
  7. Once the new authorization file is in place verify the maintenance dates for all licenses on the Licenses and License Server Info tabs. If the dates are not as expected please contact support@LP360.com before proceeding.

The following document covers the upgrade process for the LP360 family of products, LP360 for ArcGIS, LP360 (64-bit), LP360 for sUAS, and LPViewer. For new installations, or troubleshooting tips, please see the full Installation Guide.

LP360 Update Guide 2017



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