LP360 Software Update Guide

A brief overview of the installation process when updating LP360 is as follows, details in the Update Guide:

  1. Download the Latest Release of LP360 from the LP360 Installers page on this knowledge base.
  2. Open the LP360 License Manager from within LP360 (File -> License Manager) and “check in” or “deactivate” the current license.
  3. Run the new installation of LP360 and complete the installation.
  4. Start LP360 to invoke the new LP360 License Manager if not previously configured. Administrative rights not required.
  5. Select Perpetual.
  6. Enter the License String provided by GeoCue and select “Set”. This License String appears in the format: “CUSTOMER ______ isv= ______ server=______ port=____ password=_____”. Note: It is necessary to enable outbound communications on ports 5053 and one additional port, as specified when you receive your License String, through any firewalls for the product to communicate with the license server. These ports are normally open by default on most firewalls.
  7. Select the desired license and select “Check Out Floating License”, or “Check Out Roaming License”, or “Activate Node-Locked” as applicable.
  8. Select “Close” to close the License Manager and open LP360 at the desired license level.
  9. You can reopen the LP360 License Manager at any time from within LP360 (File -> License Manager) to change license levels.

The following document covers the upgrade process for the LP360 family of products; LP360 (64-bit), and LPViewer. For new installations, or troubleshooting tips, please see the full Installation Guide.


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