Activating Beta Version of Local CRS Manager in ASPSuite

AirGon has developed a tool that allows users to define a local coordinate system in ASPSuite and convert their Loki image positions to the local system.  The tool is currently in the testing stage and has not been officially released. However, the Local CRS Manager can be activated for users who wish to test the beta version. Use the following steps to activate the Local CRS Manager:

  • Navigate to the Program Data folder on your computer.  This file is usually located in C:\ProgramData\AirGon.
    • Note “ProgramData” is a hidden folder, so if you aren’t viewing hidden items, go to C:\ in File Explorer and on the View menu, check “Hidden items”.
  • Create an empty text file named “EnableLCRS.txt”.

  • When you open ASPSuite, you should see the Local CRS Manager button on the Tools tab.


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